Dr. Riordan will be retiring on 6/14/17 and closing Children’s Pulmonary Specialists.
She thanks you for the honor and privilege of your trust in allowing her to share in the care of your children.

Please contact us before 6/14/17 to transfer your medical records or give you access to a portal for your electronic medical record.
After 6/14/17, records can be obtained either by writing or email:
Linda Riordan MD
PO Box 65111
Tucson AZ 85718

OR childrenspulmonary@gmail.com

You will need to enclose a signed medical release of information form.

Children's Pulmonary Specialists provide state of the art, family-centered care for children with acute and chronic pulmonary conditions and diseases, in a comfortable private office setting. Our staff is wonderful at problem solving and will work with you to get your child seen and treated as efficiently as possible.

Symptoms we evaluate and treat:
Chronic cough
Shortness of breath
Choking, problems swallowing
Noisy breathing
Nasal congestion
What kind of diseases do we treat?

We are well versed in the treatment of a wide range of diseases that affect the lungs and subsequently the entire body. Among the most common are; asthma and allergies, pneumonia and other infections of the respiratory tract, tracheomalacia, chronic lung disease of prematurity, chronic cough, exercise related breathing problems, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, lung nodules, abnormal CXR, wheezing, tracheostomies, ventilator monitoring, and supplemental oxygen. Our physicians perform bronchoscopies and offer consultation services consult at Tucson Medical Center. We work closely with the pediatricians at TMC to maintain close contact with any of our patients who are sick enough to need hospital admission.

Telephone: 520-885-0185
Fax: 520-615-0542
Our Address 3140 N Swan Rd Tucson, AZ 85712
Hours: M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm
Common procedures:

Pulmonary function testing
Exhaled Nitric Oxide measurement
Pulse oximetry, in office and overnight interpretation
Allergy skin testing
Xolair shots to treat severe asthma
Synagis shots to prevent Respiratory Syncitial Virus infections in premature infants
X-ray and Chest CT interpretation


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